Naptimes and Notions began as a custom order bench cushion provider in Atlanta, GA with the birth of my second baby in 2014.  I had moved to a new state, had two little ones to care for full time and I found myself at home a lot more than I wanted to be.  I needed a hobby to occupy myself during the lonely times between breastfeeding, diaper changes and of course naptimes.  Sewing soon turned into my passionate obsession and by running my business from home I found the perfect balance between work, family and self fulfillment. 

Today I am a working mom of three little ones all under age 7.  My husband's job moved us to a quieter place in Greensboro and we are happy to call North Carolina our home.  When not negotiating play dates and homework, I maintain my sanity by building my business from home (or a coffee shop!) while having the flexibility to be present for my family when needed.    

Naptimes and Notions has grown to the point that I am no longer able to handle all the sewing myself.  I am grateful to have a dedicated team of seamstresses who also work from their homes and coordinate their projects with me.  In this way, your business supports other women who want to work while being present for their families at home.  We thank you for your business.

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